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  1. Hello,
    Assalamualaikum My Dear,

    My names are Mrs Aya Ashraf Adel, the only wife of Late Mr Ashraf Adel,from (Syria )who worked with Syrians Embassy In Burkina Faso for 11years before meeting his death after brief illness.

    My Late Husband deposited the sum of 4.7Million in Islamic Development Bank,which he realized from exportation of Burkina Faso and Ghana Gold, we intended to use this fund for charity work after retirement before death tears us apart.

    Is unfortunate for me to disappoint him because of my struggling from Cancer diseased for 14years now.

    I decided to contact you because of my recent doctors-report, I was taken back from Metametrix Hospital Ghana to my resident Hospital in Burkina Faso, and my Embassy are working on how to fly me back to Syria so that I do not die in Burkina Faso, but I did not tell them about my fund deposit so that they will not take advantage of my weakness.

    From my writing you will understand that I have suffered a lot in my life and that is why I will appreciate if you can tell me the truth, can you handle this kind of project after my fund is transfer to you….?

    Thanks for getting back to me in time.
    Mrs Aya Ashraf Adel,
    Writen you from Hospital

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